Simplifying complexity for business and financial services firms

The right CXM partner for business clients and financial services customers

Global business has evolved into a complex ecosystem of partners and suppliers.

Connexus cuts through this complexity to deepen B2B and B2C relationships for business services providers and banking and financial services companies.

In addition to providing a full suite of CXM services, we go above and beyond with complex programs such as supplier enablement. We bring best practices across people, process, technology and change management to design the right approach, quickly onboard suppliers, and manage those relationships to maximize their value.

See how we partner with BFS firms.

Supplier Enablement

End-to-end enablement to help suppliers work more seamlessly with their business partners

  • Commodity & supplier analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Supplier flight plan
  • Supplier compliance policies
  • Non-compliance escalation
  • Defined requirements
  • AN transaction rules
  • Account network configuration
  • Supplier data collection
  • Vendor file management
  • Supplier communication and education materials
  • Change management
  • Supplier registration communications
  • Network account creation
  • Supplier follow up
  • Supplier education portals
  • Webinars and recorded training
  • Supplier integration and support
  • Strategic supplier management
  • Go live communications
  • Deployment support
  • Supplier support
  • Help desk transition

Omnichannel Sales Services

  • Voice of Customer
  • Context analysis
  • Channel optimization
  • Pre-purchase product support
  • Product inventory sourcing
  • Upselling
  • Remarketing
  • Store-brand card programs
  • Customer callbacks
  • Inventory, shipping, etc.

Orders and Transactions

  • Offer to complete
  • Data validation and entry
  • Order change and cancellation
  • Bulk/Gift order entry
  • Shipping support
    (home delivery vs. in-store)
  • Call routing for retail locations
  • Product activation
  • Registration, warranties
  • Return / refund / rebate
  • Exceptions and recalls
  • Billing and delivery queries

Customer Support

  • Marketing / promotional / coupon audits
  • Consultation bookings
  • Social media monitoring
  • Review management
  • Tech support / helpdesk
  • Service support
  • Call escalation
  • Loyalty programs and subscription
  • Account info (balances)
  • Saves & retention
  • Resolution and callbacks
  • CSAT and NPS programs
  • Service recovery

Technical Support

  • Desktop / Laptop / Tablet
  • Mobile & App
  • Password management
  • PCI DSS Level 1
  • SOC2 Type 2
  • NIST standards framework
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Virtual, on-premise and hybrid options
  • Onshore, Nearshore, Offshore & Gig solutions
  • BCDR
  • Fraud and alert monitoring
  • Carrier ticket management resolution and callback

Generating $22 billion in sales through supplier enablement


A global financial services company needed a team to manage a complex supplier enablement program. This program was designed to generate additional business impact from their supplier ecosystem. Despite their size and existing relationships, the company needed a partner who could simplify complexity to launch and scale a program that included outreach to key client executives and partners.


During a competitive pilot, we showed we could drive more suppliers into the program than competitors and continue to innovate to improve KPIs.

  • Developed workflows and interaction materials

  • End-to-end supplier outreach and education

  • Supplier onboarding and deployment

  • Rigorous A/B testing to improve KPIs


$22 billion in new annual revenue generated

45% lead conversion rate achieved

48% of customer budgeted financial expenses captured

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