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Supporting members and patients across the care continuum

Member and patient CX in healthcare is changing faster than ever before. Opportunities have emerged in areas like telemedicine and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform how care is delivered. Patients and health plan members are also more actively managing their health through omnichannel interactions with providers and payers. When interactions are spread across web portals, apps, SMS or live calls with agents, member and patient experience gets more complicated.

We are a trusted partner to many leading health and wellness players, servicing a range of programs from member and patient enrollment, to engagement support and interaction management.  In every instance, we bring compliance, transparency and data security to the programs we support, delivered by associates who are passionate about your brand and act as a trusted member of your team.

See how we partner with payers and providers. 


  • Lead generation
  • Benefits authorization
  • Member enrollment
  • Member record management
  • Collecting, cleansing or refreshing data
  • Marketing and outreach
  • Patient registration
  • Appointment scheduling

Engagement and Support

  • Education and wellness
  • Health risk assessment
  • Specialty engagement programs
  • Nurse triage
  • General care coordination
  • Specialty care and lifestyle programs
  • Endorsements, renewals, and cancelations
  • HIX support
  • Eligibility and verification
  • Prior authorization
  • Patient pay estimation
  • General query handling
  • Broker helpdesk
  • Patient feedback
  • Engagement and outreach

Interaction Management

  • Prior authorization
  • Claim intake and processing
  • Medical bill review (payment integrity)
  • Provider data mgt and credentials
  • Provider helpdesk support
  • Contract management
  • Prior authorization
  • Denials and appeals processing
  • Claim status inquiries
  • Credential support
  • Payer helpdesk
  • Contract management

Rapid migration to support member care


After a health solutions company was acquired by a large US insurance group, they needed to scale CX operations to service a drastic spike in new members joining their health rewards program. The client needed a partner who could successfully recruit a team and quickly ramp up for a complex program that, among other features, awards points based on monthly purchases of food and OTC items to support healthier lifestyles.


  • Virtual agent delivery model

  • Multi-location hiring strategy backed by market research

  • Skills-based learning, program immersion and migration process excellence


900 seats deployed
within 6 weeks

2,000 seats deployed
within 12 weeks


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