An extension of your brand in retail and e-commerce

An extension of your brand

Omnichannel customer experience management services across the customer lifecycle

In the digital era, retail firms differentiate by making their products easier to access and more enticing to buy than their competitors.

We understand the link between brand perception and customer experience, regardless of whether customers are buying in physical or virtual stores. Our deep retail experience means we can help your clients navigate questions, purchases, shipping and other challenges across their customer lifecycle. We also share key insights into Voice of the Customer and channel preference to optimize CX operations and ensure your customer needs are met.

See how we partner with retail and e-commerce

Omnichannel Sales Services

  • Voice of Customer
  • Context analysis
  • Channel optimization
  • Pre-purchase product support
  • Product inventory sourcing
  • Upselling
  • Remarketing
  • Store-brand card programs
  • Customer callbacks
  • Inventory, shipping, etc.

Orders and Transactions

  • Offer to complete
  • Data validation and entry
  • Order change and cancellation
  • Bulk/Gift order entry
  • Shipping support
    (home delivery vs. in-store)
  • Call routing for retail locations
  • Product activation
  • Registration, warranties
  • Return / refund / rebate
  • Exceptions and recalls
  • Billing and delivery queries

Customer Support

  • Marketing / promotional / coupon audits
  • Consultation bookings
  • Social media monitoring
  • Review management
  • Tech support / helpdesk
  • Service support
  • Call escalation
  • Loyalty programs and subscription
  • Account info (balances)
  • Saves & retention
  • Resolution and callbacks
  • CSAT and NPS programs
  • Service recovery

Technical Support

  • Desktop / Laptop / Tablet
  • Mobile & App
  • Password management
  • PCI DSS Level 1
  • SOC2 Type 2
  • NIST standards framework
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Virtual, on-premise and hybrid options
  • Onshore, Nearshore, Offshore & Gig solutions
  • BCDR
  • Fraud and alert monitoring
  • Carrier ticket management resolution and callback

Driving online sales for a
global sportswear company


A global sportswear company needed to transform customer experience management to support its growth. Customers struggled to get crucial questions answered related to fulfillment, refunds and returns. Some waited months for a response.


Connexus immersed itself in the client’s brand, while transforming customer management operations across the end-to-end customer lifecycle.

Key steps:

  • Resolved all backlogs within a few weeks

  • Identified patterns in customer concerns

  • Redesigned CX processes and workflows

  • Tailored hiring & onboarding approaches to address seasonality and scale needs

  • Created Voice-of-the-Customer feedback loop to inform product decisions


25% Increase
in online sales

28% Decrease
in customer issues

Successful transformation in
less than two years

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